Saturday, December 13, 2014


I came out of the house and master9 and his friend ran to the fence I go around to the other side to see a better view of what was going on..It was Jazz, our dog she was on the other side 

I called her name, yes it was working Jazz was coming and so I kept doing so 

and then I hit my head on a pole 

so I went to tell dad and all he did was laugh. 

"Dad it really hurt! I was trying to get the dog up" I said angrily.

"What you think you're going to get the dog upstairs by hitting your head?" Dad said with a giggle. 

I started walking off and tripped over a toy car, that miss2 and miss4 can fit into but landed on my feet, dad laughed again.

 then I came to talk dad

and when I went he just had to say "don't fall over look were you are going." 

Thanks dad thanks not a lot.