Friday, November 18, 2016

The liveability of Gympie

The Liveability of Gympie

Hi, I went around Gympie's local area to see what people thought about there liveability.

So I surveyed 5 people with 5 questions about the liveability of Gympie. Here are the questions and I have put the best answer for each one-

Q1: What do you think about the towns health and liveability that you live in?

A1: Very liveable but the health service is limited, especially the hospital.

Q2: Why do you live in Gympie? What made you live here?

A2: Because I wanted to get out of the big city.

Q3: Do you think that Gympie has enough facilities for all kinds of people?

A3: Yes, but could have more disabled facilities.

Q4: If you could live anywhere would you live here? why?

A4: Yes, I would live here, because it's close to the beach, close to camping areas and not far from the Sunshine cost.

Q5: Is your town friendly to talk to?

A5: Yes it's easy to make friends.

With all the information that I have gathered I found how different things such as floods and droughts affected the liveability of Gympie's local area.

There is an ok amount of access to services and facilities but we definitely need more for our growing community.

There is a lot of environmental qualities but because of the accessional floods and all the droughts it has trouble growing naturally.

The social side off things are very different.

Here everyone is always up for a chat and all very friendly, but then again there is a bit off a problem with crimes and drugs. i have a few ideas of ways to improve the liveability of Gympie.

They are to put more gardens and gardening clubs in and the other is is to make more events for people to socialise.

When I tallied the goods and the not so goods I found that the gardening club and gardens had the most positives then the other option.

 It will be socially good for people and economic rates will go up and the environmental affect will be good.

Overall I chose that gardening would be the better option because people will be able to connect, it will will also get people thinking about the environment and global worming.

Not only that the environment will look beautiful and attract more people.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Help me with all you can

Sometimes I don't have a idea what to do and so I'm leaving a page for you all to put down what you

think and what I should do for my next video.


Friday, February 20, 2015

this is my video about me! so you get an idea.. Hope you like it and my dad has a blog on ..........

Saturday, December 13, 2014


I came out of the house and master9 and his friend ran to the fence I go around to the other side to see a better view of what was going on..It was Jazz, our dog she was on the other side 

I called her name, yes it was working Jazz was coming and so I kept doing so 

and then I hit my head on a pole 

so I went to tell dad and all he did was laugh. 

"Dad it really hurt! I was trying to get the dog up" I said angrily.

"What you think you're going to get the dog upstairs by hitting your head?" Dad said with a giggle. 

I started walking off and tripped over a toy car, that miss2 and miss4 can fit into but landed on my feet, dad laughed again.

 then I came to talk dad

and when I went he just had to say "don't fall over look were you are going." 

Thanks dad thanks not a lot.